HGI Test Cases and Related Documents

HGI’s test procedures, test events and collated test results provided detailed insight into how Home Gateways should be tested. HGI’s first test event was held in 2009 in Lannion, France at the premises of Orange Labs. Subsequent test events were held in Hull, England at TRaC Global. Test cases for the HGI Open Platform 2.0 requirements were also executed remotely using downloadable test code developed by HGI members. In this page, selected test case working documents which were available to HGI members are published.

Test code developed by HGI for Open Platform 2.0 is not available to the public.

 The following documents provide the most recent Home Gateway test cases.

 2014 HGI Working Document: Home Gateway Wi-Fi and Performance Test Cases

 2013 HGI Working Document: Open Platform 2.0 Test Cases

 2012 HGI Working Document: Home Gateway Test Cases

 The following two documents describe testing of Wi-Fi interference on ZigBee networks, by HGI members and by independent researchers partially funded by HGI.

 2013 HGI Working Document: Procedure for Testing Wi-Fi Interference on ZigBee Network, 2013

 2014 Published Report: "Testing the impact of Wi-Fi interference on Zigbee networks". Authors M. D. Abrignani ; C. Buratti ; L. Frost ; R. Verdone. Euro Med Telco Conference (EMTC), 2014, pages 1-6 DOI: 10.1109/EMTC.2014.6996634


HGI has completed its mission to set key specifications for Home Gateways, Home Networks, and the Smart Home. HGI worked from 2005 until 2016.

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