Ongoing work related to HGI

oneM2M MAS Group
oneM2M ( is an international project to agree the standards that will be published by the standards organisations joining oneM2M as Partners Type 1. HGI participated with oneM2M as a Partner Type 2 especially in the area of abstraction modelling. The HGI Smart Device Template (SDT) was adopted by oneM2M as the basis for its abstraction modelling.

ETSI Smart M2M
HGI has been a close liaison partner of ETSI ( since HGI’s founding. The ETSI Smart M2M group has agreed to host the open source Smart Device Template (SDT) work as it progresses.

ETSI has published three key HGI documents related to Smart Home requirements, as ETSI specifications. These documents can be downloaded at the following links:


SmartM2M-PAS Home Gateway Initiative RD039-Requirements for Wireless home area networks

SmartM2M-PAS Home Gateway Initiative RD048-Requirements for HGI Open Platform 2.0

the prplFoundation ( is progressing work related to HGI’s publications and internal documents in the areas of Hardware Viritualisation, security requirements for Home Gateway, and requirements for carrier grade openWRT.

Broadband Forum
The BBF ( works on many topics related to HGI’s work in the broadband home with a particular emphasis on management. HGI’s most recent work on Hybrid Access is also being discussed in the BBF. 


HGI has completed its mission to set key specifications for Home Gateways, Home Networks, and the Smart Home. HGI worked from 2005 until 2016.

This web site will be maintained until June 20, 2021. Inquiries about HGI work can be sent using this form