Current HGI Publications  2016-02-09

Document Number

HGI-RD044 Home Gateway Base Requirements: Residential Profile 2
HGI-RD057 Wi-Fi System Requirements for Home Gateways: NFC Pairing, Guest Access, Hotspot
HGI-RD048V2 HG Requirements for HGI Open Platform 2.1
HGI-RD045V2 WI-FI requirements for Home Gateways: Automatic Channel Selection, Channel measurements and repeaters
HGI‐SBI054 Use Cases and Architectures for Hybrid Access
HGI-SBI052 Hardware Virtualization in Home Gateways, and comparison to Multi-Threading, Containers and NFV
HGI-GD038 HG Requirements for Local Reading of Smart Meters
HGI-GD036 Smart Home Architecture and System Requirements
HGI-GD035 HGI-GD035 Smart Home Use Cases
HGI-GD030 KPI Evaluation Framework Discussion Document
HGI-RD012 QoS and unicast/multicast require-ments on Home
HGI-RD045 Wi-Fi requirements for Home Gateways - Automatic Channel Selection and Repeaters
HGI-RD031 Requirements for power management of home network devices

Use Cases and Business Requirements for Media Gateway (MG)

HGI-RD039 Requirements for wireless home area networks (WHANS) supporting smart home services
HGI-RD026 IP-PBX Module Requirements
HGI-RD048 HG Requirements for HGI Open Platform 2
HGI-RD027-R3 Home Gateway QoS Module requirements
HGI-RD024 Requirements for an NGA (Active Line Access) Capable NT
HGI-GD017-R3 Use Cases and Architecture for a Home Energy Management Service
HGI-RWD016-R3 HG and Home Network Diagnostics Module Requirements
HGI-RD015-R3 Requirements for Common Power Supply for Home Networking Equipment
HGI-RD010-R3 Home Gateway Requirements for Multiple Session Support
HGI-RD009-R3 Requirements for an energy efficient home gateway
HGI-RD008-R3 HG Requirements for Software Execution Environment
HGI-GD013-R2 QoS Whitepaper
HGI-RD007-R2 Requirements for HG Interworking with
an External NT
HGI-GD006-R2 IMS Enabled HG
HGI-GD004-R2 Performance Metrics
HGI-GD003-R2 Parental Control in the Home
HGI-GD002-R2.01 Remote Access Guidelines
HGI-RD001-R2.01 Home Gateway Technical Requirements: Residential Profile V1.01